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How Roger Stone’s Career In Politics Has Influenced American Leadership

Roger Stone is an American Lobbyist political consultant and strategist. He is 65 years of age. He is an experienced political analyst and has assisted many clients. The belongs to the Republican side of political affiliation. The people he has assisted in the process have become victors. One of the people he has worked with is Donald Trump.

A lot can be seen from the political career of Roger Stine. He has been studying politics in the country thus know everything that is taking place. He is leading in offering these services. His focus on political heats and trends in the county makes him the best person to seek some advice from. With the challenges and controversies he has managed to masquerade and merge as one of the most trusted and wise political advisors. Many governors and senators have hired home to assist them in learning how to play smart politics and emerge winners in elections.

In the last elections Roger Stine was working with Donald Trump who praised him. He is a Republican supporter and gave all his efforts in ensuring that he campaigned for Donald Trump. The relationship with other campaign team members went sour, and he was fired near the end of campaign. He continued campaigning for Trump despite being dismissed from the duties. He did is campaign by telling people that Trump was the best choice and likely winner. He has seen it how Trump would win in the elections.

After the elections he was listed as some of the people who played a hand in the hacking of results. The democrat aspirant, Hillary Clinton advisors had mentioned that Roger Stone has prior knowledge of the Russian interference in the electoral system and hacking so that the results could interfere. The Russian are said to have caused tampering with serves and the results which were released by the system.

Roger stone is a vocal person who defends his beliefs and what he thinks is right. He has been on many political debates and TV debates where he has debated other political analyst and strategies. He is a smart person who makes calculated moves. His talks are orchestrated by what he believes in and will defend anything. He has also written some political books which talk about power and the opposition. He is one of the best authors who you can hire for better learning. if you are an aspiring politician, he is a person you will need to talk to and get the best advise possible.

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