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A Guide to Intermodal Trucking. One of the key characteristics of human being is movement. People do not only move but also create movement for goods these movements are known as transportation. When moving goods or when people are travelling over long distance it may not be possible to use just one, means of transport; therefore, means of transport are interlinked to facilitate the use of more than one mode of transport. Many people using sea transport find the need of intermodal trucking. The owner of the cargo will usually outsource the services if intermodal trucking to a Harbor specialist. The Harbor specialists is usually a company that directs the movement of containers. The directing of containers involves receiving them from the sea transport or sending them via sea transport. Therefore the sender or receiver of the cargo does not have to travel all the way to the sea harbor to see off their goods. The terms of operations entails the owner of the cargo sending the message about an incoming or outgoing container to the intermodal transportation agency. The message usually is the shipment number of the container. The Harbor specialist then undertakes the clearing process and loads the container either to the ship or to the inland mode of transport as instructed by the cargo owner.
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Intermodal trucking is an innovation of overcome the challenges that face different transportation modes. Demerits of various means of transportation are as follows.
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Some means of transport cannot be used in given locations. For instance sea transport is only applicable to the extent of the sea water. Therefore sea transport can only be used in areas close to sea, ocean and other water bodies. Railways and road will have terminals at the sea harbor to facilitate receiving goods and people from sea transport. The other challenge intermodal trucking assist is reducing of traffic jams. Each means of transport has a limited capacity, meaning if the need of transport exceed the capacity the means will be congested. By alternating the usage of the different means of transport of cargo between origin and destination people can avoid traffic jams. Movement of goods by ships and other water vessels are facilitated the growth of international trade. Continents can be able to export and import goods. Features that make sea transport suitable is the ability to carry huge loads of goods, and it does not cost a lot. Countries without coastal lines can also get or send goods to other continents as a result of intermodal transportation. The land locked countries will usually transport well via sea to the nearest harbor then the goods will be transported to the country via other land means of transport such as road and railways. Sea transport interlinking with other means of transport has facilitated the growth of coastal towns and cities.