Rock64 Media Board Computer Pine64

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Many strategies involve the use of a computer or an apparatus or gadget together with a computer. If, in contrast, utilizing the hardware and software collectively merely leads to a predictable consequence, the alleged invention is a mere aggregation. Nevertheless, in the same way that a flowchart will often require an accompanying description in an effort to fully describe an invention, pseudocode alone will typically not be sufficient to provide a full and unambiguous description of an product

In considering whether or not a claimed invention is anticipated, its essential parts must be in comparison with those taught in a single prior disclosure. Boasting different features, sizes and ranges of ruggedness, the gadgets were utilized in a hazardous climatic setting, the place the weather forecast was troublesome to predict and icy situations prevailed.

The category manufacture is therefore thought-about to apply to computer-carried out innovations either where a pc is used to control a manufacturing course of, or the place a non-machine computer product is claimed. These, then, are the circumstances beneath which a software product comprising a bodily memory storing executable code can be patented.