Signs a Computer is in Need of Ransom Virus Removal

Without the right computer and computer network, it will be nearly impossible for a small business to communicate with employees and customers. For a computer network to stay safe, a person will need to work hard to fend off potential hacks. There are a variety of methods used by hackers to get into a computer network, and among the most common is a virus. Among the most potentially harmful viruses out there is ransomware. This type of virus can enter a computer network via an email attachment or other common downloads. Below are some of the signs a business owner may notice when it is time for professional ransom virus removal.

Unable to Go Past the Startup Screen

If a business owner notices they are unable to go past the startup screen on their computer without a splash screen coming up, then they probably have ransomware. Usually, this splash screen will have a message that tells a business owner the hackers have control of their files and need a certain amount of money to release them. The last thing a person wants to do in a situation like this is to negotiate with the hackers due to the long-term problems this will cause.

Can’t Open Any Files

In some instances, a business owner will be able to get past the startup screen on their computer but will be unable to open any files. If a person clicks on a file and it will not open, they need to reboot their computer in safe mode. Usually, this type of virus will prohibit safe mode from being used. As soon as a business owner starts to notice they have this type of virus, they will need to call in some professionals. The faster they can get rid of this virus, the less damage they will have to worry about.

Finding the right company to help get rid of this virus is important. The team at Monster Cloud will have no problem finding the problems a computer network has and getting rid of them. Go to their website or give them a call to find out more about what this company can offer.