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Using a Glass bong

You must be able to manipulate glass easily In order to make a glass bong hence being brothers with glass. The glass bong can be able to sustain you for a long time unlike a plastic bong if it is well made.

You can make your own glass bong if you are brothers with glass unlike most of the people who do prefer buying glass bongs. That can be able to operate the same way as a shop or a made bong this can be achieved by collecting a few materials.

The first material that you will have to have is a glass bottle the glass bottle will have to have the unique features of a bong. A long neck and a wide base to have the area to be passing the smoke this are the features the bong should have.

The next thing is to get a drill bit after finding the bottle with the correct features in order to drill the bottle this is because the hole that will be made on the bottle will need to be very precise in order for the bong to work.
You must also have a precise down stem that will be able to rhyme with the hole drilled through the bottle hence the need to be brothers with glass the down stem needs to fit perfectly in order for the smoke not to be lost through the spacing.

But if you don’t drill the hole with precision you will require a rubber grommet in order to be sealing the area that is not going to be airtight this is to give you the precise smoke hits that you may want to be taking.
When you have collected the items you can now start preparing the bottle for the drilling this is by washing the drill with warm water the warm water helps in the drilling since the surface area is made smooth by the drill.

When you are going to be drilling drill in the sink in order to get rid of the debris that may cause harm if they are left all over the floor by doing this you will be ensuring that the environment that you are working on is clean and safe to use.

By marking you will ensure precision this is After taking the bottle to the sink and marking the area that you are going to be drilling and start drilling and also ensure that you drill in a flat surface in order for the drilling to be successful.

In order to keep the drilled part from breaking after drilling immediately run cool water on the drilled part, after you are done drilling put the grommet and the bowl using the rubber and your glass water bong is ready to use hence you being brothers with glass.

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