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How to Choose the Appropriate Flea Medication for Your Pet

With the increase of flea products in the market today, it is a difficult task to choose the right medication for your pet. The following are important things to consider when selecting flea medication for your pet.

There are different types of flea medicine and each type has a disadvantage and an advantage. There are products used to repel fleas and ticks, some are used to kill the fleas while others get rid of immature fleas to reduce their chance of reproducing. Therefore, you need to choose these products depending on the usage and requirements of your dog.

The age, health status and lifestyle of your pet are also important considerations when making the best decision on which medicine is right for your pet. If you are worrying about a liquid medicine drying out or your pet doesn’t like oral medicine, consider going for collars. It is recommended that you talk to a veterinarian if you don’t know which product which accommodate your pet’s lifestyle.

Do your research to see if the flea product you are considering has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the flea medicine is FDA approved, it means that it has met all the safety and quality control measures. Most unapproved drugs are likely to cause health problems in your dog as well as severe health reactions.
Check the label’s instructions to see what the medicine is intended for, whether it is for dogs, or cats or if it can be used n both. Some products are intended for cats awhile other are intended for dogs, so read the instructions carefully and use the medicine as directed. Be sure to follow the instructions and apply for the medicine to the pet that it was meant for. Along with reading the labels carefully, consult with your veterinarian if you have any doubts.

Always monitor your pets weight and give it medication that is within its weight range. Choose a flea product that has neither lower weight range so that it can be effective nor higher weight range, so that it does not harm your pet. Hence, take your pet for weighing in clinics near you before purchasing any flea or tick medicine.
If you are applying a new medication on your pet, look for any signs of adverse reactions. Check if the pet has any swellings on the skin, vomiting, anxiousness and any abnormal behaviors.

You may also need to know how long the flea medicine will protect your pets and decide on one that will offer a lasting solution.

The last consideration is the price of the flea medicine. What’s more, you can save a fortune if you purchase flea medicine online as compared to physical stores.

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