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Quick Nail Care Tips to Ponder On

It pays to be particular with the kind of nails that you are growing and making sure that they are kept their healthiest. Below is a list of nail care tips that you can fully take advantage of so that you are guaranteed to have healthy looking nails in no time.

See to it that you first apply polish remover on your nails so that oils are removed before you will be applying some nail polish. Your nail polish must be between a base coat and a top coat. Having a base coat will help in protecting your nail enamel while having a top coat will better protect your nail polish color. If you want your manicure to last a long time as well as your nail color, see to it that you regularly apply a top coat on top of it.

When you push back your cuticles with the use of an orange stick, do not forget to put some cuticle cream in your hands and then never ever chip your cuticles.

When you apply nail polish, see to it that they are only in thin coat, mostly two to three nail polish coats. You can put some thinner into your nail polish bottle so your nail polish becomes thin. Even if you feel disheartened by how light the first coat appears, wait for the application of the second and third coats as they will just cover up the flaws of the first nail polish coat. Never opt for some thick coats because they will easily be removed.

As you are applying nail polish, see to it that there will be a linear space that is between your cuticles and your nails. When you do this, both your nails will look longer and the nail polish color that you have will not bleed.

If you observe that your nails are already breaking, it is a sign for you to trim it. If you are still not ready to let go of your long nails even with some cracks, you can actually use a nail glue on the crack and then buff it afterwards until it becomes smooth. In order for your nails to look more well kept, you can put some nail polish on top of the cracked nail.

If possible, it will be to your benefit as well as others if you trim your nails short. According to nail experts, having short nails will look great on any dark nail polish color while having long nails will look great on any light nail polish color. Also, nails with nail polish will look better if you make use of moisturizing lotions or creams on your hand.

Choose a nail salon that takes care of their manicure equipment and tools and have them sterilized at all times, and if you do your nails yourself, still do the same thing to your own manicure tools.

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