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You could be seeing your hair falling off in your pillow, shower drain or your hair brush. If your pony tail is getting smaller and the head of a man has a wider part that is noticeable can be proof enough that hair is shedding off. The number of times you wrap your hair through the wrapper can be a guideline on if the hair is falling off. Hair shedding is not so visible by men and cannot also be easily spotted when looking at the mirror and then you have relatives and colleagues who are afraid of being the first ones to break the news to you that you are losing hair. People try to even change the way that they hide their hairs with several hairstyles prior to accepting that hair loss is happening to them.

Treatment solutions for hair loss is the best news that these patients have received. Once the reasons behind the loss have been ruled out there are options that are non-surgical or non-invasive that have proved they can work. These are topical solutions, laser therapy or oral prescription medicines. The reasons behind shedding of hair are diverse therefore one has to seek to know the medication that is right for them.
One such option is the treatment of low level light or heat treatment. Hair loss patterns found in both men and women can be treated using the low level light treatment. Stimulating the cells that are found in the hair follicles coupled with the low level light treatment has proved to be effective.

Rats were used as specimen for laser therapy and the results showed that there is an accelerated hair growth. Alopecia or pattern balding is a sign that treatment using laser is curative. Lately, low level laser treatment has gained popularity following proof given by successful individual and trials done in clinics all of which have given the therapy validation.

Low level laser treatment has not been present for a very long time but that aside it has received great acceptance in the medical hospitals and who are also leaders and members of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration.

There aren’t many side effects found in the low level light therapy despite the fact that this therapeutic treatment cures, chronic paints, headaches, neuropathic pain and alopecia. The reason behind this is because there are biological statistics that show that this low level light therapy has photobiomodulation also present in humans.

In 2007, the Food and Drugs administration association was the first to approve the low level light therapy. It was to moderately from mildly treat a hair loss pattern that using a laser comb that was specifically known to re-grow hair. It is known that the laser comb is an application that is not practical and its abuse has been seen in improper use of the comb. The laser therapy cap introduction has made patients to compliant and the application easy to use.

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