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A Guide to Web Design

When coming up with something it is essential to have a plan without the plan it can all go down the drain since you didn’t something when it was supposed to be done the same applies to the website design .You have to know what goes where if not you will end up with a bought website with some overlooked features more than the other hence when designing a website for yourself or a client you have a path to which you can follow in order to come up with the most effective website.

Websites require tools to observe the day to day activities these activities include how many people visit the website the number that subscribes the website among others.

When coming up with a website you should come up with the budget to be spent on the website the expenditure may include the money paid to ensure the programming is made correctly and the website is well designed and hosted properly when it comes to websites less doesn’t mean you made great budget it may mean you paid less to pay more at a later day.

Decide what is to be displayed daily by this you will be able to decide the pictures to be displayed on the website the videos and blog posts among others.

Come up with the number of pages to be used and the features to be displayed on your website in order to come up with what you want to be displayed .
Come up with a web design by sketching what you want this means that you get to design what you want before sending I to your web designer or making it yourself.

Begin making your website and make sure the following essential things are put into consideration this include the font to be used is a clear one and can be seen from afar make sure the website is easily navigable and your content can be easily located when going through your also the website should be light in order to navigate around and ensuring that it loads quickly unlike heavy website that takes a lot of time to load this discourages the user .

Testing a website is the most fundamental part of the designing phase this is done by testing the website through different gadgets like phones tablets computers also another important test to do is to ensure that the website displays how you want it to display in all search engines this is done to ensure the website is in great shape and no bugs are present.

When you have completed making the website also ensure that the website is well maintained and content is posted according to your liking to do this ensure the content is created in time.

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