Things to Do when An Airtag Is Found Moving with You

Imagine your iPhone directly notified you that an AirTag has found you moving. It is a particular indication that someone is following you. Compared with other trackers you can find on the market, Apple comes with extensive Find My Network options.

Since billions of Apply devices are available worldwide, it is possible to pinpoint the precise location of a connected airtag by implementing your Apply ID. On the surface, the AirTag is the perfect option for finding your keys. Since it is thin with extensive battery life, stalkers can easily slip an AirTag into a bag or pocket when you are not paying attention.

Then, they will follow you home and learn everything about you. On the other hand, you can notice an “AirTag Found with You” notification, an important message you should check out from time to time.

What is the “AirTag Found with You” Notification?

When Apple initially launched AirTag, people wondered whether someone could use them for stalking purposes. That is why they introduced additional safety features to allow you to safeguard yourself against potential stalkers and others.

Although the alert can be harmless because you may borrow a specific item from a family member or friend with AirTag, it can also seem like a sign that someone is using it to determine your movements.

Things to do After Alert

When you notice an alert, you can consider doing a few steps to help you throughout the process.

1.   Locate the Physical Tracker

The most important thing you should do is to search for the physical tracker beforehand. The best way to accomplish this is by tapping the alert and going to Continue. Then, you can select it to play sounds, allowing you to locate it quickly.

Remember that in some situations, finding it can reveal all borrowed items from family members and friends, which is not concerning and problematic. In this situation, you should tap the option to disable a particular tracker’s notification for a specific period.

At the same time, if someone from your Family owns an AirTag, you can disable it by entering My App on your device to handle each step along the way. You will notice the “Tap Me” notification in the right part of the screen and go to Item Safety Alerts to disable notifications.

However, if you find an AirTag you do not recognize, it is crucial to check whether you have more than one inside your household. If the primary intent is to stalk you or you suspect it, we recommend you to disable their function and call law enforcement afterward. You should click here to learn more about high-end tracker Apple created.

2.   Avoid Going Home

As soon as you realize that someone is following or tracking you, the best way to let your potential stalker reach you is by visiting a crowded public area. It is essential to avoid going home, entering a personal vehicle, or going to work. Besides, you should avoid posting your location or … Read more