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Many laptop claims will define the system by way of means statements that set out what the device will do. The place a way statement is known to be a software program means, it should be specified that the software program is saved on a physical product

The place a greater degree of detail is supplied, the examiner must contemplate whether the precise implementation is an ingenious resolution to a technological drawback in respect of the operation of the pc, and thereby determine if the pc itself has been contributed.

Nevertheless, if the results of working this system on a pc is to offer a novel and creative technological answer to a technological downside, then this system is viewed as modifying the technological nature of the computer as an entire.

Declare 2 defines a system to perform the tactic of declare 1. If the system has been specifically tailored with the intention to carry out the method (in this case, the usage of multiple modules in a single unit suggests that that is the case), then its patentability relies on the same issue of inventiveness as declare 1. As noted in sixteen.02.03 , a machine specifically adapted to carry out the whole thing of a patentable technique is product