Top 5 Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS web hosting stands for Virtual Private Server web hosting, and has a reputation of confusing a lot of people. It is fairly recent and has gained popularity only recently. If asked to describe in a sentence, it can be said that VPS Hosting is a hybrid of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Let’s try to understand the architecture and the set up of VPS Hosting. Essentially, a Virtual Private Server is the kind of server that is partitioned with a virtualization software, known as a hypervisor. This layer segregates the physical server into multiple virtual servers. The individual servers are known as Virtual Machines (VM). Each VM is replete with its own dedicated resources such as the CPU, RAM, OS, and its own specifications such as the disc space and bandwidth.

Now that the brief introduction is out of the way, let’s dive into the top 5 benefits of VPS Hosting:

1. Affordability

A VPS Hosting account will any day cost less than a Dedicated Hosting plan which uses an entire physical server. Although this price benefit has been a recent development, it will still be safe to say that it is here to stay given how drastically technology is advancing. Simple barebone plans are obviously a lot less expensive, and the price starts to increase as you add additional resources.

2. Easy Scalability

Many VPS plans offer higher scalability. Users can start out with a handful of resources in their virtual environment. As they start to grow and their business needs increase, they have the ability to gradually add more resources to accommodate those needs. This way, users also pay only for the resources that they are using and not for the ones that were forced on them by default.

3. More Control

As compared to Shared Hosting, users get far more control with VPS Hosting. They get full root access and the liberty to use scripts if they want to. What this means is that users have a greater control over how their server is configured, the applications that have been installed, and even the ones that they want to install. These actions can be easily executed from the control panel that the users are given by the hosting provider.

4. Stability & Reliability

Unlike Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting does not come crashing down like a house of cards when one user goes bad. Besides, websites hosted on a shared server also suffer in terms of their performance and uptime. For example, if two or three users are experiencing higher website traffic due to varied reasons, every other user on that server will get affected by it. VPS Hosting fairly outshines Shared Hosting in this regard and maintains stability. A spike in the website traffic and an increase in the activity of VPS users does not adversely affect the performance of the websites. Thus, VPS Hosting surely wins extra points when it comes to reliability.

5. Efficiency

Since every virtual server gets its own dedicated set of resources, the server performance is far better. As a result, website load times get significantly better since increased capacity and improved processing power ensure that the websites hosted on these servers have quicker load times for the users. This eventually results in a better search engine ranking, pleasant user experience, increased user engagement, and higher conversion rates. Additionally, this enhanced efficiency also means that any processes that users run on their servers will also have shorter turnaround times while having minimal impact on the other operations that take place. Users can therefore send out bulk emails and run backups without a worry in the world!

The features of VPS Hosting largely depend on the configuration that the hosting provider is offering. But in case you need a list that helps you select the best plan, look out for the following features:

  • Power and performance
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Sophisticated control panels
  • Root access
  • Flexibility
  • Great management and technical support

We hope you’ve been able to understand the significance of VPS Hosting, and also know about the specifications that need to be taken into consideration while selecting any of the VPS Hosting plans, for example, the India VPS Hosting Plan. In case you have any questions or queries that you need to get answered, feel free to post them in the comments section below and we will answer them to the best of our abilities. We hope all the information helped!